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Why Arabica?

The main species for the world production of ground coffee is considered to be Arabica and Robusta. The remaining coffees are either rare or unsuitable for making the final product.

Arabica is famous for its softness and rich taste palette with a long pleasant aftertaste. Caffeine in Arabica does not exceed 1.0-1.5%.

Robusta takes the position of strong and refreshing drink due to the high presence of caffeine in it. Due to the lack of pronounced flavors and the presence of excessive bitterness, Robusta is inferior in terms of refinement to Arabica. The caffeine content in Robusta reaches the 3% mark.

Many manufacturers try to combine varieties of arabica and robusta in proportions to get the perfect coffee blend, which differs in taste and strength. Exceeding all generally accepted norms, unscrupulous manufacturers sometimes imitate and tinker Arabica with robusta to minimize costs. Beware of fakes, read carefully the description of the product on the package!

Agava Trade - chooses only Arabica beans for the production of roasted ground coffee “Café Don Quixote”, guaranteeing its customers intelligent softness with a bright flavor range!


Coffee 100% Arabica